One Goal

The Miami FC will be the team of the Community and a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), uniting and advancing Miami through its mantra of “One Goal.”

“One Goal” is driven by extending the platform of soccer to make a positive and significant impact in education, community service, and health and wellness through the pillars of Philanthropy and Corporate Citizenship.

The “One Goal” Pillars – Philanthropy and Corporate Citizenship.

Will be known for being a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility through…

  • Unique charitable gifting and community service programs;
  • Excellence in youth soccer development and enrichment;
  • Premier educational offerings supplemented by focused health and wellness programs;

We will deliver this through…

  • Focused charitable gifting campaigns built on the advancement of youth soccer throughout Miami;
  • An industry leading internal service program, amplified by a highly engaging fan volunteer program;
  • Innovative educational programs crossed with grassroots educational partnerships;
  • Extensive health and wellness programs providing advanced health benefits for the Miami community.

For more information on One Goal, please contact Matt Britten at