Anatomy of a Goal: Punching Our Ticket

Jul 31, 2019

The Miami FC is in the NPSL National Championship for the second year in a row. To get there, Miami has taken out five tough squads and used 15 second half goals to put away its compeition. In the National Semifinals, Miami hosted Cleveland SC and rallied for four goals in the final 45 minutes. In the 55th minute, Ariel Martínez doubled Miami's lead that it would never relinquish. Here is how it happened.

Time of Goal: 55th minute with the score at 1-0
Goalscorer: Ariel Martínez
Assister: Miguel González
Other Contributors: Brenton Griffiths, Callum Chapman-Page, Brian James

Brenton Griffiths receives a back pass from Hector Morales and quickly opens up his body to face the middle of the field. He moves the ball to the middle for his center back partner, Callum Chapman-Page, so that he can scan the field from a more open position.

Chapman-Page squares up with the ball so that he can see the entire field and picks out his target. He sprays a pinpoint long ball that's perfectly weighted to the right touchline for right back Brian James.

James positions himself under the ball and uses a deft first touch to push the ball forward into space for Miguel González to run on to. González has a defender in front of him in the box and one closing down behind him as he looks for options.

González circles back around and lifts the ball past the defender closing out. He then plays the ball back to James, who is now being harassed by González' defender and another behind him. James smartly pings the ball back to González for the one-two and frees him up to enter the box.

While Miami is moving the ball around, Ariel Martínez has positioned himself at the penalty arc for the play to unfold. As González enters the box, Martínez drops slightly back and awaits the pass. González waits until the last second before the nearest defender lunges at him to release the back pass.

Martínez receives the ball, uses a pair of body feints to put his marker off balance and prepares to shoot as an assortment of defenders start to close him down. He uses his magical left foot to unleash a powerful, accurate low-driven shot that gets by the defense and the goalkeeper to put Miami up 2-0 and on its way to the National Championship.