Anatomy of a Goal: Team Goal Personified

Nov 9, 2018

The 2016 season was an inconsistent one for Miami FC, but many of the high points featured outstanding goals that showed a fortified unit with a clear identity. That groundwork resulted in a historic season in 2017 with much of the same core. In a Fall Season match against Ottawa Fury FC, the Orange and Blue scored a brilliant team goal that was a flash of things to come. 

Time of Goal: 34th minute with the score at 0-0
Goalscorer: Michael Lahoud
Assister: Jonny Steele
Other Contributors: Ariel Martínez, Kwadwo Poku, Vincenzo Rennella, Darío Cvitanich

The buildup starts in the midfield, where Jonny Steele, Michael Lahoud and Kwadwo Poku have formed an offensive triangle. All three connect to establish a symmetrical passing shape that forces a couple of defenders to pressure a bit.

Steele breaks up the triangle and passes the ball to Ariel Martínez on his right, Martínez swings the ball further right to Darío Cvitanich, stretching the Ottawa defense wide in order to make more room in the middle of the field.

Cvitanich uses a deft touch to flick the ball to Vincenzo Rennella. Under pressure from behind, Rennella controls the ball and takes a touch away from the defender. As another defender converges on him, he moves the ball back to the middle, where Steele has positioned himself.

As Steele is about to receive the ball, he notices that Ottawa's center backs are too wide of each other. Miami's passing and Poku's wide positioning on the right have opened up a gaping hole in the middle of Ottawa's defense. Lahoud has ventured forward and has a ton of space in between Ottawa's defenders.

Being kept on by Ottawa's left back, Lahoud is put through on goal by a clever, one-touch through ball from Steele. Lahoud takes two touches forward, and with Ottawa's goalkeeper charging at him, he toe-pokes his finish under the onrushing netminder and opens the scoring for Miami.