By the Numbers: Miami FC 2's Championship Season

Oct 26, 2018

The Miami FC 2 enjoyed a fantastic 2018 season that featured just a single defeat, 52 goals scored and three trophies. Following a slow start to the season with three-consecutive 1-1 draws, the Orange and Blue caught fire and never looked back, disposing of its NPSL competition and capturing the National Championship.


As a well-oiled machine, the Orange and Blue was solid in defense and a force to be reckoned with on offense. Led by two in-season additions and the most accomplished striker in Miami FC history, Miami's attack consistently poured in goals and provided assists at a rapid rate. 

Jaime Chávez: 17 games played, 10 goals (4 game-winners), 2 assists, 39 shots,
Darío Suárez: 17 games played, 10 goals (5 game-winners), 2 assists, 39 shots
Kris Tyrpak: 17 games played, 8 goals (2 game-winners), 3 assists, 41 shots
Don Smart: 17 games played, 4 goals (1 game-winner), 7 assists, 17 shots


The middle of the pitch for Miami was always cluttered with a bevy of talented, hard-working players who contributed on both ends. Whether it be the offensive prowess of Dylan Mares and Ariel Martínez or the defensive effort and playmaking ability of Jeff Michaud and Tomas Greco, Miami never had a shortage of game-changers behind the forwards and in front of the defense.

Dylan Mares: 19 games played, 6 goals (1 game-winner), 4 assists, 46 shots
Ariel Martínez: 17 games played, 4 goals (1 game-winner), 5 assists, 22 shots
Jeff Michaud: 19 games played, 4 goals, 19 shots
Coy Craft: 17 games played, 1 assist, 7 shots
Tomas Greco: 13 games played, 5 assists, 5 shots


While Miami's offense was firing on all cylinders for most of the season, the team's backbone and saving grace was always its stout defense. Miami kept a clean sheet in 10 of 20 games and gave up more than one goal in just a single game. In the NPSL Playoffs, Miami allowed a measly three goals in five matches. 

Mason Trafford: 20 games played, 1 goal (1 game-winner), 8 blocks, participated in 10 clean sheets
Rhett Bernstein: 19 games played, 1 goal, 8 blocks, 10 shots, participated in 9 clean sheets
Tyler Ruthven: 18 games played, 2 assists, 6 blocks, participated in 9 clean sheets
Tyler Polak: 18 games played, 2 assists, participated in 9 clean sheets
Sean McFarlane: 19 games played, 3 goals, 3 assists, participated in 9 clean sheets


Miami was able to rely on a historical figure of the organization in 2018, and it was rewarded with one of the best seasons of Daniel Vega's career.

Vega: 19 games played, 0.632 GAA, 53 saves, 9 clean sheets, .815 winning percentage
Herman: 1 game played, 0.000 GAA, 6 saves, 1 clean sheet, 1.000 winning percentage