Anatomy of a Goal: Chávez at the Death Sparks a Historic Run

Jan 23, 2018

The Miami FC scored 72 goals during a historic 2017 season. While there were many stellar goals, there was perhaps none more dramatic than Jaime Chávez last-second dagger against Puerto Rico FC early in the year. 

Here's how it all unfolded.

Time of Goal: 90'+3' with the match tied at 1-1
Goalscorer: Jaime Chávez
Assister: Ariel Martínez
Other Contributors: Kwadwo Poku

Kwadwo Poku plays a one-two with Ariel Martínez, who chips a pass through the defense. Poku's run off the give-and-go frees him with open space to run on to the ball. 

Puerto Rico's goalkeeper darts out to meet Poku's run, so Poku looks for a layoff. He spots Jaime Chávez, who has carved out a good amount of space in the middle of the box. 

Poku rolls a pass to Chávez, but the layoff is a bit too slow and is met by a Puerto Rico defender, who attempts to clear it to safety. 

The defender's clearance is weak and doesn't make it far, reaching just outside the box. 

Martínez, who was watching the play unfold, squares himself up under the trajectory of the ball to volley it. He strikes the ball with

As Martínez strikes the ball, Chávez is still on the floor from the tackle on his shot attempt. Martínez' shot is dead-center and nearing the middle of the box, where Chávez.

Chávez sees the ball approaching him and realizes there's no way the initial shot will go in, so he instinctively redirects the ball with his head and hopes for the best. Someway, somehow, Chávez' deflection catches the goalkeeper and defenders off guard and trickles into the goal. 

An unprecedented goal, and one that gave Miami FC a last-gasp road win in the last second of the match.