Meet Golazo!


My name is Golazo and I am the mascot for the Miami FC! There is nothing that I love more than getting out in the community and being with all the amazing people of Miami!

If you want me to come out to your event or party, fill out the form below and we can work something out!

I am a man about town, so make sure to come hang out with me if you have some free time!

Get to Know Me
Since I am the new bird on the branch, I put together some fun facts about who Golazo is under the great smile and colorful feathers.

  • Height – 7’
  • Weight – Don’t worry about it
  • Birthday: April 8, 2017
  • Hometown: Riccardo Silva Stadium, The 305
  • College: Getting my degree in Avian Studies at FIU
  • Favorite Movie: Rio
  • Favorite TV Show: Que Pasa USA.
  • Favorite Song: Surfin’ Bird by The Trashmen
  • Favorite Food: Catch of the day!
  • Who is your Celebrity Crush: Daisy Duck
  • If you could Meet any person, who would it be: Falcao.
  • Who is your Role Model: Big Bird

Kingfisher Facts
Cada dia, people always ask me, “Oye, Golazo, what kind of bird are you?” Para toda mi gente, let me set the record straight … I am a Kingfisher! The next question I always get is, “OK, pero what is a Kingfisher?" To help everyone get familiar with the awesomeness that is the Kingfisher, and why I am the perfect mascot for the Miami FC, I left a few facts about us below. #VamosKingfishers

  • We tend to live by rivers and seashores.
  • We like to wear bright colors, especially turquoise and orange.
  • Some people say we have big beaks “aka mouths,” but we know how to use them!
  • We love to go fishing.
  • We have great vision and are super-fast.
  • We are fiercely territorial and will defend our home till the last breath!
  • Some say we have many different calls, but I like to say we are multi-lingual.
  • We don’t mess around with nests, we build houses. Can’t have our home blowing away every time a storm runs through!
  • We are some of the cleanest birds out there, because you always have to look good.
  • Some people believe that were are powerful forces in the world, controlling the sea and the waves.