Anatomy of a Goal: Poku Walks It Off Against Atlanta United

Nov 20, 2017

The Miami FC's 2017 season was filled with history made and memorable moments created. The most important memory was arguably a 3-2 win over MLS side Atlanta United FC.

With the help of a last-gasp goal by Kwadwo Poku, the Orange and Blue beat Tata Martino's squad and advanced to the Round of 16 of the U.S. Open Cup.

Time of Goal: 90'+3' with the match tied at 2-2
Goalscorer: Kwadwo Poku
Assister: Vincenzo Rennella
Other Contributors: Stéfano Pinho

In the 93rd and final minute of the match, a back pass from the right wing by Atlanta United is intercepted by Miami FC forward Stéfano Pinho, who evades a tackle and looks for a passing option.

Pinho finds forward Vincenzo Rennella, who had settled into open space a few yards away from Pinho. As the ball nears Rennella's feet, midfielder Kwadwo Poku starts up a full-on sprint from his previous jog. 

With Rennella receiving the ball, Atlanta's left center back presses up to cut off space. In doing so, he has completely exposed the space behind him, which Poku recognizes immediately.

Because Atlanta was committed forward, their usually organized defense is all over the place. Both full backs and the left center back are at the halfway line or further, and their right center back is the last man standing. 

Poku's diagonal run leaves the center back behind him, and Rennella is able to find Poku with a one-time through ball that is weighted perfectly.

Poku runs onto the ball and has a split-second to think about how to beat the goalkeeper. After Poku takes his first touch, the goalkeeper slightly jumps forward off his usual line.

With a defender breathing down his left side and the goalkeeper seemingly pushing up, Poku must make a decision. Instead of opting for his usual power shot, he tricks the goalkeeper (who guess near post) and caresses a low shot past the goalkeeper's outstretched stance and into the left corner of the goal.

Pandemonium ensues throughout all of Miami, and Poku becomes a true legend in the city. A memorable goal, and match, that will be remembered forever. 

Stay tuned for more breakdowns of memorable Miami FC goals throughout the offseason!