Anatomy of a Goal: Poku Nets His Brace in Regular Season Finale

Nov 14, 2017

The Miami FC had a fruitful season in 2017, and a 2-1 home win in the final match of the regular season was the cherry on top. Miami got two goals from Kwadwo Poku.

The first goal of his was lovely, but the second was a team-oriented work of art. Let's break it down.

Time of Goal: 72nd minute with the match tied at 1-1
Goalscorer: Kwawdo Poku
Assister: Stéfano Pinho
Other Contributors: Mason Trafford, Vincenzo Rennella, Dylan Mares

Center back Mason Trafford carries the ball towards the halfway line and spots forward Vincenzo Rennella on the left touch line. As the pass nears Rennella, midfielder Dylan Mares starts up a forward run.

With Edmonton's right back pushing up to press Rennella as he receives the pass, Mares has found acres of space to run into behind the right side of the defense.

Rennella quickly spots Mares' run, as does left back Blake Smith, who points and shouts out the developing play. Rennella doesn't have time to take an extra touch, so he immeditaley flicks the ball into Mares' path with a one-time pass.

As Mares controls the ball, forwards Stéfano Pinho and Kwadwo Poku are in the same vicinity at the top of the box. 

Once Mares takes a touch forward, the two attackers begin to drift apart, with Pinho darting towards the six-yard box and Poku hanging back in case Mares decided to pull it back.

Instead, Mares opts to cut the ball in to Pinho.

Pinho has drawn the attention of both Edmonton center backs as the ball rolls to him, and his angle to shoot at the goal has been closed off. 

With sheer instinctiveness and a mind-meld relationship with Poku, Pinho taps a one-time pass backwards to a wide-open Poku at the near post. 

Poku slots home with ease past a scrambling Tyson Farago and puts Miami up 2-1 in the final game of the regular season. A fitting end to a wonderful 2017 season for the Orange and Blue. 

Stay tuned for more memorable goals to be broken down on Anatomy of a Goal during the offseason!