New tracking system gives a boost to Miami FC

Apr 13, 2017

Press Release: VX Sport

With a focus on enhancing player performance and wellness, Miami FC has partnered with leading athlete monitoring company, VX Sport for the 2017 NASL season.

Along with over 150 teams in 24 countries, Miami FC will join a growing stable of VX Sport clients having their every move on the playing field monitored.

The ability to measure and manage an athlete’s physical and psychological load has become increasingly important to competing at the elite level. Miami FC coaches will get the full picture by using physical data collected by the VX Sport athlete monitors, combined with wellness and session intensity ratings tracked via athlete input into VX Cloud.

Head of Performance and Fitness Coach for the Miami FC, Paolo Pacione is excited to get the team rolling with the new hardware.

“Using the reliable VX Sport GPS system will allow us to engage our players and monitor their daily workload in trainings, as well as analyze their performance during matches thanks to the ease of use of the VX system and the clarity of the information provided. I’m excited to get VX Sport on board here at Miami FC. I have trusted their technology in the past, and their support is second to none.”

Established in 2008, VX Sport provides athlete monitoring solutions for amateur and professional athletes, teams and coaches. Their product includes proven advanced wearable hardware to track the athletes, and an innovative, easy to use software platform allowing coaches and trainers to get the data they need, quickly and easily, even in realtime. The VX Cloud platform allows athletes to enter wellness and RPE data on a daily basis, as well as allowing coaches to keep track athletes from anywhere, bringing a new dimension to athlete monitoring.

“We’re trying to measure work load in both training and play. Through knowing the load, we can manage the risk of injury and optimize how hard athletes are training, so they end up training like they’re playing.” Sports Performance Director at VX Sport, Jamie Tout said.

VX Sport sees the US market as their core focus, which now comprises 40% of their global customers, many of whom are soccer teams, but also include field hockey, lacrosse, basketball and football.

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