#TuesdayThoughts Poll of the Week: Best Dade Brigade Tifo

Dec 6, 2016

The Dade Brigade has proven to be one of the best supporters groups around. Through thick and thin the Brigade was always there to cheer and sing as the Club navigated its inaugural season.

A major tradition for any supporters group are Tifos for home matches and the Dade Brigade did not disappoint on that front either.

We gathered some of the best Tifos that the Brigade created this season. Click below to vote now!

The Wall – The Dade Brigade honored our fantastic goalkeeper, Daniel Vega, with an awesome Tifo. They called him "The Wall", which is fitting for a man who led the NASL in saves with 106. The artistry in the portrait is quite good and the Pink Floyd-esque font was a nice touch too.

#GoGold – The Dade Brigade did a great job of supporting a great cause in the #GoGold initiative. #GoGold raises money for childhood cancer by bringing awareness to the issue and the Brigade did their part with a simple yet powerful Tifo. Using the hashtag prominently and a picture of the earth, they showed that this is cause we should all get behind.

Fear the Beard – The Miami FC sports one of the most dominant defenders in the NASL who also happens to sport one of the best beards in the league. The Dade Brigade played a fitting tribute to Rhett Bernstein and his majestic beard with a Tifo. The simple quote of “Fear the Beard” and the silhouette of said beard was all that was necessary to pay respect to the man himself and let the opponent know what to expect on the field.

PokuMon Go – The midseason acquisition of Poku was very exciting for the Club. To wrestle away a player of that caliber from an MLS team was a huge accomplishment that excited the entire fan base, especially the Dade Brigade. This was also a time when Pokemon Go ruled the world. The Brigade expertly combined the two biggest things happening at the time to create one great Tifo. To welcome their newest player the Brigade unveiled their PokuMon Go Tifo.


What was the Best Dade Brigade Tifo
The Wall
Fear the Beard
PokuMon Go